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NPPA corrigendum order dated on 12 june 2018

drug alert list may 2018

list of drug alert april 2018

CDSCO order dated on April 2018

NPPA order dated on 12 -06- 2018

NPPA order dated on 12 june 2018

CDSCO office memorandum dated on 12 june 2108

CDSCO notice dated on 12 june 2018

gazette notification g.s.r 521 dated on 1st june 2018

gazette notification S0 2237 dated on 1st june 2018

List of approved new drug 1-1-2018

cdso notice dated on 11 june2018

supurious drug for month of april 2018

ministry finance notification dated on 26/4/18

nppa order dated on 2 april 2018

NPPA order dated on 26 april 2018

Gazzette Notification G.S.R 408 dated on 26/4/18

Gazzette Notification G.S.R 381 dated on 18/4/18

Gazzette Notification G.S.R 390 dated on 24/4/18

CDSCO notice dated on 27 april 2018

CDSCO office order dated on 23 march 2018

CDSCO office memorandum dated on 8 may 18

Gazzette Notification G.S.R 411 dated on 27/4/18

Gazzette Notification G.S.R 360 dated on 10/4/18

Gazzette Notification G.S.R 277 dated on 23/3/18

list of suprious drugs march 2018

nppa order dated on 6 april 2018

CDSCO notice dated 12/03/2018

Gazette notification

CDSCO order dated 21/03/18

cdsco Order dated 14 March

cdsco Order dated 13 feb

List of drugs not of Standard quality month of feb 2018

list of approved new drugs

NPPA order dated on 28 feb 2018

NPPA order dated on 23 feb 2018

Status of New Drugs prices 01.01.2018

List of Application rejected 01.01.2018

NPPA Order 01.01.2018

New NPPA Orders 18.12.2017

Notice from CDSCO regarding FDCs declared as rational by Kokate Committee dated 05.10.2017

Office Notice from CDSCO regarding adhering to rule 28 and 28A of D&C act 1945 dated 28.09.2017

Notice from CDSCO regarding Oxytocin dated 22.09.2017

Office Memorandum from NPPA dated 21.09.2017

Status of Form -I application of New Drug form NPPA dated 20.09.2017

Trade margins on Orthopedic Knee Implants on Preliminary analysis

NPPA order dated 11/08/2017 (3)

NPPA order dated 11/08/2017 (2)

NPPA order dated 11/08/2017 (1)

Regarding 14th National Awards for Excellence in Cost Management

Order from NPPA dated 11/05/2017

Order from NPPA dated 21/04/2017 (S.O 1272 (E))

Order from NPPA dated 21/04/2017 (S.O. 1271(E))

Guideline and SOP for disposal of review cases by NPPA

NPPA Order 01.04.2017

Complaints received on Overcharging of Coronary Stents by NPPA

NPPA Order 30.03.2017 (3)

NPPA Order 30.03.2017 (2)

NPPA Order 30.03.2017 (1)

Misuse of Oxytocin

Change in Wholesale Price Index 22.3.2017

Compliance on IPDMS (NPPA)

Notice of FDCs from CDSCO dated 01-03-2017

Office Memorandum 13.02.2017 on coronary stents

Order (Ceiling Price) from NPPA

Order 10th March 2017 from NPPA

Ease of Dosing Business related to export of drugs -Reg.

Antimicrobial resistance 1-1-2017

Rational use of antibiotics 1-1-2017

Office Order regarding of drugs with neutral labels exemption

National List of Essential Medicines, 2015 from CDSCO

Clearance of Import and Export Consignments from CDSCO

Sales of Drugs over Internet from CDSCO

Notice dated 04.03.2016 from CDSCO

Delhi High Court order dated 04.04.2016 from CDSCO

Notice dated 06.05.2015 from CDSCO

Checklist for GMP/GLP and other documents from CDSCO

Revisit of Drug and Cosmetics act 1940 and rules 1945 dated 6.6.2016 from CDSCO

Notice Regarding meeting 12.7.2016 from CDSCO

Order regarding transfer policy of Drug Inspector 03.08.2016 from CDSCO

Notice regarding Checklist 23.08.2016 from CDSCO

Notice Order dated 26.08.2016 from CDSCO

Notice Order from DCGI 01.09.2016

Extension of validity of approval of BA/BE from CDSCO

Notice Order regarding SUGAM ONLINE 21.09.2016 from CDSCO

Notice Order regarding SUGAM ONLINE 05.10.2016 from CDSCO

Notice Order 06.10.2016 from CDSCO

Notice Order from DCGI 14.10.2016

Notice Order from DCGI 17.10.2016

Office Memorandum regarding approval of the saftety and efficacy of FDCs 26.10.2016 from CDSCO

Notice 11.11.2016 from CDSCO

Notice Regarding Risk Based Inspections from CDSCO

Office Memorandum Regarding clarification the receipt 21.11.2016 from CDSCO

Notice order regarding SUGAM ONLINE 1.12.2016 from CDSCO

Notice 03.01.2017 from CDSCO

Notice Order regarding e- Governance project of CDSCO 02.12.2016

Public Notice Dated 08.12.2016 from CDSCO

Pharmacovigilance Skill Development Programme from CDSCO


office Memorandum 13.12.2016 from CDSCO

Office Memorandum 13.12.2016 analysis of biological products CDSCO

Circular 13.12.2016 from CDSCO

Office Memorandum 20.12.2016 from CDSCO

Office Memorandum regarding clinical trial permission for r-DNA from CDSCO

Alert from CDSCO

Office Memorandum

Safety & Efficacy of FDCs






MSME Expo-3-5Nov. 2015, New Delhi

New Member


Important Instructions fro online submission of applications




Regional GMP strengthening Workshop

NPPA order- Price revision as per wholesale price index

Indian pharmaceutical Healthcare and Expo, Mumbai-13th to 15 th May 2015

Implementation of track and trace system for export of pharmaceuticals and drugs consignments

Expert Commitee proposals on 23.04.2014

Recommendations of Expert Commitee meeting held on 6.03.2014

Office memorandum dated13.02.2015 regarding grant of no objection certificate

Meeting notice on 21.01.2015

Focused on GMP in production of API and Oral Solid Dosage Forms- in Mumbai

Focused on GMP in production of API and Oral Solid Dosage Forms- in Chennai

Uniform Code of Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices

Pharmabody Challenges NPPA's Price Control Order

NPPA works on cure to combat overcharging by Drug Makers

Clarification for regulation of Medical Devices

Grievance Concerning NPPA

Proforma for Submission of revised-price

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