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Export Region wise during 2015-2016

List of Approved Drugs FDC and Single Salt 1961 to December 2016

List of Drugs Covered under DPCO

Letter to DCG (I) reg.Notice 05.06.2017 subsequent applicants of FDCs declared as rational

Letter written to DCG (I) reg. the Notice dated 05.06.2017 reg. Safety and Efficacy of FDC

Representation to Principal Secretary of Hon'ble PM of India reg. prescription for Generic Medicine

Representation to Revenue Secretary for GST/GST Council

List to Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985

Letter written to DCG (I) regarding Risk based Inspections

Letter to members for Executive meeting, Agenda of the meeting and Registration under SUGAM & IPDMS

Letter written to Joint Secretary, MH & FW reply to GSR 327 (E) dated 03.04.2017

Letter to Roshni Sohni, Director, NPPA regarding IPDMS notification dated 01.05.2017

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