NPPA fixes, revises prices of 296 formulations
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The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has fixed or revised prices of 296 formulations, including nine imported drugs from global majors like Pfizer, Aventis Pharma, Novartis and Novo Nordic.

And many of these imported formulations went costlier, while a couple of them registering a hike of over 12 per cent.

According to the notification issued by the NPPA, prices of mono-component insulin formulations -- Lantus 100 IU/ML catridge and Lantus 100IU/ML solostar -- imported by Aventis Pharma were revised with the former one going up by 12.83 per cent (up from Rs 481 to Rs 543.12 per 3ml catridge). Three formulations by Pfizer Products India, containing methyl prednisolone also became costlier. Among them, price of Solu Medrol AOV 125mg was revised from Rs 252.46 per 2ml vial to Rs 290.34, up by a whopping 15 per cent.

Prices of three insulin formulations from Novo Nordisk India were also fixed while Vitalux Plus TR tablet by Novartis became costlier from Rs.291.57 to Rs 304.76, making an increase of 4.52 per cent, the notification said. The pricing authority also revised the price of dettol antiseptic liquid of Reckit Benkiser from Rs 5671.90 to Rs 6333.18, for 12x5 litre container. Its prices increased by over 11 per cent.

Other formulations came under price revision and fixation included chloroquine tablets, multivitamin syrup, combination of vitamin C+kojic acid+glabridin+arbutin+cyclomethicone+OMC cream, another combination including vitamin E and mandelic acid, combo formulation of four drugs including prednisolone and ofloxacin, ibuprofen+paracetamol tablet, vitamin E+lactic acid+urea+propylene glycol cream, gentamycin+clobetasol propionate+clotrimazole cream, gentamycin+boric acid+benzalkonium chloride eye drops, multivitamin injections, pheniramine maleate injections, thiamine Hcl injections, sulphadiazine tablets, cloxacillin suspension, and cloxacillin+amoxicillin injections, the NPPA order said.

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6th May 2009

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